Inspiration 21313-Morning

Q. Good Morning. What’s going on?

A. Just trying to complete morning fabulous challenge. I have a news.

Q. What news?

A. I posted more more video on YouTube.

Q. What it is about?

A. I call it daily night assurance affirmation.

Q. Why?

A. It have same sentence repeated one hundred eight times which motivate you if not irritate you.

Q. Hmm. What else?

A. Nothing special. Just random thoughts.

Q. What thoughts?

A. I am thinking of registering Adobe of Humans as NGO.

Q. Why?

A. Then I will have same endeavor to work on offline as well as online.

Q. Then what stopping you?

A. It will require effort. Also this types of working is not suitable for introverts who is mutable and prefer writing over speaking.

Q. You think your writing is as per?

A. It is work in progress.

Q. You want to complete your criteria activities today?

A. If not now, When? I got this.

Q. Nice. Any more thoughts?

A. I have to add lunch in my to do list. Lunch need to be the biggest meal of the day. I also have cut my caffeine intake.

Q. Don’t you think your to do is getting bigger than manageable?

A. Five criteria is important. Other than that everything is secondary.

Q. And what are those criteria?

A. Fabulous challenge, elevate workout, self talk, helping hand to one to three people, and two hours online lecture.

Q. Tell me one thing. Are you really serious to get Adobe of Humans register as NGO?

A. Of course. It is in my mind from very long time. Besides I already wish for everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

Q. What’s your plan for today?

A. I am feeling of taking a cold shower. I also have break my fast.

Q. What fast?

A. I ate too much junk food yesterday due to my cheat day therefore I decided to skip dinner.

Q. You feel bad about it?

A. Not at all. I need to improve my discipline in my diet. It will feel great for sure. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Prayer.

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