Inspiration 21314-Night

Q. So, how is your day?

A It’s a average lazy day.

Q. How come?

A. I completed morning fabulous challenge, completed elevate workout, and writing my self-talk. What I didn’t do is study and didn’t helped anyone either.

Q. Why you break your commitment?

A. I already told you that I surrender all the commitment on daily basis.

Q. Why?

A. This keep my life flexible which is natural state for my zodiac sign.

Q. If you didn’t studied then what you did?

A. I came across this beautiful mantra from a youtuber name, “Andrea Schulman”

Q. Which is?

A. Which is, “If not now, when”?

Q. It is a question. Why you are calling it a mantra?

A. Because I am going to repeat it from now onward. I also take a printout of this quote and print it on action board.

Q. What so special about this question?

A. Two thing. First, it have word “now” which is good thing to keep myself in present moment. Second, it has a question “when” which assist me to make decision.

Q. What will decision making do?

A. Decision making is a proactive work. It will keep things moving.

Q. So you are going to drop your faith on ॐ?

A. No No. this mantra will be the addition to the previous mantras which include ॐ. It is more like going to class one after internalizing the knowledge of UKG.

Q. Ok. What else you do?

A. I assisted my father in his business.

Q. But you took a day off aren’t you?

A. Usually I help him from morning to mid-day but today he called me to take care of business from mid-day to night.

Q. And you didn’t helped anyone?

A. That’s why I considered my day as lazy day.

Q. When will you start making your day as good active day. If not now, When?

A. You are learning fast but as already mention every thought have incubation period, which is generally between twenty one to sixty six day, only after which it start showing any tangible effect.

Q. So again going to change your thought?

A. I already informed you that this will the addition not the substitution. It will look glamourous on my action board. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Prayer.

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