Inspiration 21322-Morning

Q. How is it going?

A. What to say. I am two and half hour of to schedule.

Q. Why?

A. I started my day after nine thirty. But good thing is, I slept for less than eight hours.

Q, What are you planned to do today?

A. Just YouTube surfing and wonder around.

Q. Don’t you want to complete your criteria today?

A. It is self explanatory. Without it, how will I evaluate the quality of my day.

Q. So you want to wonder around while completing the criteria ativities?

A. You are stupid that you understand it so late.

Q. You are nuts that you are try to evaluate everything from logic. Isn’t there any other way?

A. There are many but I am interested in this one. It appears more logical to me.

Q. Why you are not considering to broaden your prospective?

A. I am taking baby steps. After all boredom is undivided part of quality living standard.

Q. What is your next step then?

A. Listen careful. It is very crucial. My next step is to continue my present step with more emotion, discipline, and faith.

Q. Faith? Faith in what?

A. Faith in ॐ, The sun and other planets, and lord shiva.

Q. What about your Vedic remedies?

A. That is significant too.

Q. Then why your are not mentioning those?

A. Once I mention ॐ, then I already mention every creation, preservation, and destruction.

Q. Then why you mention the sun, nine planets, and lord shiva?

A. We don’t use 24 caret gold for daily purposes. We make it 18, 20, or at most 22 so that we can use it daily. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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