Inspiration 21323-Night

Q. Have you completed your tasks?

A. I only completed my fabulous morning challenge. Other than that I didn’t do anything.

Q. What happen?

A. I took Jupiter to Saturn and Moon so Jupiter took me to Sun.

Q. You are nuts. Will you talk like humans instead of planets?

A. I visited to my business prospect with my senior. After that my senior took me to one of his colleague where we are requested to have dinner and that’s why my every plan for today changed.

Q. What you will do now?

A. Shopping.

Q. What will you shop?

A. I will decide about it letter.

Q. Why not now?

A. I have something in my mind. I will buy something related to either astronomy or astrology.

Q. If you have spare time then why not you play elevate?

A. Today my friend’s sister passed away.

Q. That bad. How?

A. I liked her. She was talented, intelligent, and smart. She was good soul who lead her family in toughest of time. Her untimely demise is very saddening.

Q. I asked how?

A. Her liver got damage due to jaundice.

Q. God is cruel. Isn’t s/he?

A. She have to die someday anyhow but If she had lived longer she will surely have left a rich legacy.

Q. You talked to your friend?

A. Two family loses their very strong family member. I have nothing to say which can fill the void.

Q. How two family?

A. The one in which she was born and the other where she was married.

Q. What you do now?

A. Hmmm. Life goes on because destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is.

Q. Come in present. What will you do after writing this blog post?

A. I will play elevate then I will do shopping.

Q. So you will not complete your night fabulous challenge?

A. I will do it. I had dinner early tonight so I have more than one hour before the challenge starts.

Q. How will you rate your your day today?

A. I would say it’s a bad and active day. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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