Story 21324-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. It’s a bad day.

Q. Why?

A. I didn’t completed morning fabulous challenge. And, I didn’t attended online lecture.

Q. You completed remaining criteria though?

A. Yes, I help an elderly person. I played elevate. and I am writing my self-talk now.

Q. Still you consider your day as bad?

A. I can do better, far better.

Q. What you think is the reason behind this fluctuation?

A. As far as I experience and read, routine of a person is determined by his thought process.

Q. What this have to do with you?

A. I have to stick to one thought long enough to make it a second nature.

Q. How long you feel is sufficient for any thought to become second nature.

A. To be safer side let that be ninety meditation/Jogging sessions..

Q. What if the thought you want to stick with is imperfect?

A. Then it will be beautiful.

Q. Ninety days won’t be easy enough?

A. To able to achieve it you have to overcome few of the biggest hurdles.

Q. What are they?

A. First one is boredom. Without accepting boredom as undivided part of life one cannot complete this challenge.

Q. Ok. What are the other hurdles?

A. Second is accepting destiny as it is. Destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is impartial, neutral, just.

Q. No big deal. Next?

A. Third is that we have to master patience because every thought have to go through incubation period only after which it start showing any tangible effect.

Q. Is there anything else?

A. This last one is self made.

Q. What is it?

A. Get in sync with The Sun.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Introspect on this one. As you can see it is almost three month now that I am writing my blog post in question answer format.

Q. So which thought you were nurturing all this time?

A. To be specific it’s the word. “Communication”

Q. Are you sure?

A. Hundred percent.

Q. So you are going to discontinue this question answer format?

A. I don’t know what destiny holds for me because destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is. But my will to thrive says that the word “communication” is not serving my purpose so I will choose some other word to meditate or jog. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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