Story 21325-Morning

Q. Today you got time to write in morning?

A. I woke up late but I slept only for six and half hour.

Q. Did you idea of alarm worked?

A. Yes. Otherwise I will be sleeping at this time.

Q. What is your plan for today?

A. I just have to make my day great.

Q. How your last blog post performed?

A. It have six views, six likes, zero comment with liked to viewed ration of one.

Q. That’s a huge success. How will you celebrate?

A. I will take a winning selfie.

Q. What is your purpose for today?

A. My purpose is to outclass all my mentors.

Q. Can you do it?

A. Wait and watch

Q. How you are planning to do it?

A. I have no plan but I have little wisdom which might help.

Q. What’s that?

A. To live a successful life we have to receive something from the society as well as give something to the society. One way process will lead to burnout.

Q. Nice how this wisdom will help in outclassing all your mentors?

A. Realm of spirit and thought is independent of time.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Never mind. So today I have to complete all my criteria activities besides my daily chores and also have to earn some money. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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