Story 21327-Night

Q. Where were you in morning?

A. I overslept.

Q. Don’t you want to do anything about this problem.

A. No. I if am not able to wake up early in winter then I will sleep late.

Q. What purpose will it fulfill?

A. I have to keep my sleep time below eight hours but more than six hours.

Q. You wake up late in morning so I consider that you didn’t completed your morning fabulous challenge?

A. Yes. I also did not watched online lecture.

Q. What were you doing then?

A. I was reading a book.

Q. Is reading book is more important watching online lecture?

A. It is about the context which is important?

Q. What that context is?

A. It is about law of attraction which is explained by the existing research on neuroplasticity.

Q. What knowledge you gain from it?

A. Leaving the science portion because it will make this blog boring, main thing I gain from it is the fact that there is an incubation period for the thought to show it tangible effect.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Let me explain it with you my example.

Q. What example you want to give?

A. You know that my schedule was fucked up when I start practicing gratitude.

Q. Yes, You told it about in your early blog post.

A. Yes. This happen because I changed my thought due to which I start change in my lifestyle but I didn’t give it sufficient time to flourish to give evenly results.

Q. So you again want to start practicing gratitude?

A. No no.

Q. Then what you want to do?

A. I will tell you once the incubation period is complete.

Q. How long is the incubation period?

A. It can be anything between twenty one to sixty six days.

Q. What else you gain from reading the book.

A. It clearly says that vision board is very crucial aspect for personal growth.

Q. How?

A. There is some scientific hoach poach behind it. You will get it once you read the book.

Q. How will I read it if you tell me the name of book.

A. The name of book is, “The Source,” written by Dr. Tara Swart.

Q. Is the knowledge given by her is credible?

A. Yes yes. She is the faculty at MIT school of management and a successful personal development coach.

Q. This makes her credible?

A. I don’t know about you but my action board (vision board) is ready.

Q. So you want me make my own vision board?

A. Don’t worry about your age just do it. It will be a major leap forward. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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