Story 21329-Night

Q. What’s your report card for today?

A. It is a poor day.

Q. You didn’t complete your criteria activities?

A. Yes, I didn’t attend online lecture and still have to complete my elevate workout.

Q. How many people you helped today?

A. I helped no one.

Q. When will you start helping people to complete your criteria activity.

A. What can I say. I need to be more proactive to complete this criteria.

Q. What about fabulous challenge?

A. I was late but somehow completed the morning fabulous challenge.

Q. Then what you did whole day?

A. I slept for sometime, read book for sometime, watched YouTube videos for sometime. That’s all I did.

Q. Are these activity help you in your purpose?

A. Whatever I do after completing my criteria activities I have to maintain the belief that my prosperity is growing.

Q. But today you didn’t completed your good criteria activities. Now what will you believe?

A. Today is a poor day and I lost a precious day?

Q. What you learned from it?

A. Same thing which I learned last time.

Q. Which is?

A. Which is, “Entertainment is more pleasurable if enjoyed after completing priority activities.”

Q. Do you remember your other lessons too?

A. I remember one which says I need to priorities my good day criteria activities before other activities.

Q. How many lesson you forgotten?

A. There was three lesson which I learned but due to lack of revision I remember only two.

Q. What you are planning to do to increase the quality of your day in the remaining hours?

A. I will complete elevate workout and night fabulous challenge before winding the day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

Q. What things you have to do tomorrow?

A. I have to complete the routine work of Monday besides completing today’s pending work.

Q. How will you do it?

A. If I start my day before seven in morning then I can do it successfully. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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