Story 21340-Night

Q. How is your last blog post performance?

A. It have six likes, eight views, zero comments, with .74 liked to viewed ration.

Q. How you become successful in holding attention of readers?

A. Thing is my readers can relate themselves to me.

Q. What happen to your zodiac sign?

A. My zodiac sign affect my thought process but I am more than ninety nine percent like everyone.

Q. Are you content with the engagement of your blog post or you going to do something to increase its reach?

A. Not now. It only few days before I increased my success criteria.

Q. When will you think about it?

A. I will let you know.

Q. What you have in your mind?

A. I am thinking to help the employee of my father who cheated on me.

Q. Why?

A. He have to do work all by himself. I only force him in the right direction.

Q. Why you want to help him?

A. This question make me think for more than five minutes.

Q. Do you come with any answer?

A. First reason I will give is, to work on improving oneself is boring process but pushing other to work on themself is exciting.

Q. Any other reason you can think of?

A. He is a poor man who have look after his big family.

Q. Does he act in front of you like a poor man.

A. No.

Q. Then how you know he is poor man?

A. He is thirty two with deceased father and ill mother. He also have two small girl to look after besides his wife and monthly income of eight thousand something.

Q. Then why he don’t act like poor man in front of you?

A. His zodiac sign makes him proud man and that’s why he don’t act like it.

Q. What if he take your help and leave after digging your roots to cut?

A. There is probability for this event. But If I refuse to help him then I refuse to help two small children.

Q. Why him why not anyone else?

A. I know very limited people and he is one of them with whom I interact everyday.

Q. Are you hiding something?

A. I need to introspect deeply because on surface helping him seems to right thing to do.

Q. First tell me how you want to help him?

A. He is tenth pass Hindi speaking guy. I will expose him with apps from which he can learn English which result in increasing in his value twofold.

Q. What in for you?

A. If he learn English he can do work on computer which will be a great asset for my father’s business.

Q. And what are the risk?

A. He start his own business and become competitor in business or leave for some other high paying job.

Q. Do you have any employee retention program?

A. Not yet.

Q. Then how will you stop him from migrating?

A. I have to earn his obedience and maintain it.

Q. How will you do this?

A. I too have to work on improving myself along with him.

Q. Is this much of introspection is sufficient?

A. Yes. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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