Story 21341-Night

Q. How is your last blog post performance?

A. Seven views, three likes, zero comments, with liked to viewed ration of .42.

Q. What you want to conclude with it?

A. What can I say. In last blog post I increased my success criteria and in the next post I failed.

Q. Do you want to talk about the reason for the failure?

A. Yeah, lets talk.

Q. What you think went wrong?

A. I think those who are not in touch with my blog find my blog post very ambiguous.

Q. What will you do to avoid this?

A. Past don’t change and it don’t cease to exist too. My past is my treasure there past is there treasure. There is nothing to change.

Q. How is your day then?

A. Let’s go through the criteria for good day.

Q. For how many hours you attended online lecture?

A. About one hundred twenty six minutes.

Q. How many people you helped today?

A. I donated few change to beggars.

Q. What are the other criteria?

A. Writing self-talk, completing fabulous challenge, and completing elevate workout.

Q. Did you written self-talk?

A. This is my only self-talk for the day.

Q. Did you played elevate?

A. Yes. I completed all the workout of the elevate.

Q. What about fabulous challenge?

A. This is where I failed.

Q. What happened?

A. I failed to complete the morning fabulous challenge.

Q. How?

A. Weather is getting cooler and it feels damn good to sleep.

Q. What this have to do with fabulous challenge?

A. I overslept in morning and thus failed to complete the challenge.

Q. What about night one?

A. I will do it. I am on continuous streak for completing fabulous challenge in night. Let me take a selfie to celebrate it.

Q. For how many days you did it?

A. More than twenty one days in a row.

Q. Did you shared your achievement to anyone?

A. No. Generally people don’t care. They have there own criteria for good days.

Q. How will you rate your today?

A. Average active day is fine.

Q. What else you did?

A. I noticed that the reading section of WordPress is changed so does the logo of YouTube when it load.

Q. What else you did to make your day better?

A. I listen songs. Today is Aishwarya Rai’s birthday. A Scorpion.

Q. Songs makes your day better?

A. Try it by yourself by playing Vividh Bharti on radio.

Q. You listen songs on radio?

A. I listen prayer on Spotify and songs on radio. Both have there own advantages.

Q. Will you enlighten me about it?

A. Sure but some other time. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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