Story 21342-Night

Q. Hi! How are you doing?

A. I am little tight on cash otherwise I am doing great?

Q. Why you are doing great?

A. My post ‘story 21345’ have one liked to viewed ration. This is hundred percent.

Q. Don’t you think it’s time to raise your success criteria for engaging blog post?

A. Yes you are right. From now on when liked to viewed ration is equal to or more than .7 then I will consider myself successful in holding the attention of readers.

Q. Did you complete all the criteria for good day?

A. No.

Q. Why?

A. I don’t feel like doing it.

Q. Why you are acting so irresponsibly?

A. You know, Fabulous app, which I use to develop good habit, stop giving new challenges in it’s free version.

Q. So?

A. I am not getting any sense of accomplishment. And it feel like I get caught in rut.

Q. If that the case then don’t you feel like its a good rut?

A. You can say that.

Q. Which criteria you didn’t fulfilled today?

A. I didn’t attend online lecture.

Q. What about others?

A. That I either already completed or I will complete it before going to sleep.

Q. Is playing elevate appears helpful?

A. My calculation is getting better.

Q. What is your purpose of writing this blog post?

A. I am writing this blog post so that I can communicate with my self.

Q. And what you want to achieve by communicating with yourself?

A. It will give me clarity, direction, and precision.

Q. What will you achieve by getting all this?

A. I can provide better customer satisfaction.

Q. Why you want to provide better customer satisfaction?

A. Because as an aspiring business person this must be priority for me.

Q. Who says this?

A. Mr. Jeff Bezos.

Q. What actually he said?

A. He said, “We are prospering as long as we are keeping customer first. The day we start putting ourself before customer will be the day our downfall will start.”

Q. When he said this?

A. He didn’t said it exactly as I am telling you but the core of the idea is equivalent.

Q. So you are doing this to increase the customer satisfaction?

A. Not just to increase customer satisfaction but to optimize it. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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