Story 21345-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. Today I performed an experiment which hurts me and cost me two hundred rupees.

Q. Experiment for what?

A. Experiment to check the reliability of most disciplined staff of my father’s business.

Q. What you did that it cost you two hundred rupees?

A. One of the operation of business is to deposit cash in the bank and he is the one who do it.

Q. So?

A. So today I consciously put two hundred rupees extra in the stack and ask him to deposit the cash.

Q. He didn’t return you the extra money?

A. No.

Q. What make you test his reliability?

A. He is very amiable to my father but when it comes to me he don’t hesitate ignoring my suggestion, request, and order.

Q. What reason, you think, is behind his conduct?

A. He have one of the best zodiac sign. In other word he have better zodiac sign than me. In case of my father, he listen to him because he is senior.

Q. If that’s the reason then you are fucked. What will you do?

A. He is not thinking long term i.e., three to seven year down the line. I am quite sure that he will leave the business after causing sufficient harm to it.

Q. Isn’t there anyway to prevent it?

A. For me it will take four to seven days to forgive him.

Q. I asked isn’t there anyway to prevent this?

A. I have to involve him in business operation because if I don’t do that then business will become self employment profession.

Q. Why are you making thing complicated?

A. I am not making things complicated. It already is. For my father, he is valuable asset (better than me), and for me, he is labiality.

Q. Then you keep suffering like this?

A. I already convince that I have worse zodiac sign. Let’s talk about the criteria activities.

Q. Did you completed fabulous challenge?

A. Yes morning one is complete. I also completed all the elevate workouts.

Q. For how many hours you watch online lecture?

A. Only one hour. I also not helped anyone today again.

Q. What you are doing then?

A. I can’t tell. I am ashamed of it.

Q. What you did that you are ashamed of it?

A. I watch one episode of “The journey to India”.

Q. You are ashamed of this?

A. No not this. I am telling you this to change the topic.

Q. Oh. So why didn’t you watch online lecture today?

A. It is so plain, boring, and informative that It makes me sleepy. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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