Story 21346-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. Very bad.

Q. Why?

A. Today I missed morning fabulous challenge?

Q. How?

A. I overslept.

Q. Why this happen?

A. I think this happen because of my gratitude practice.

Q. What gratitude have to do with you over sleeping in morning?

A. Gratitude makes me tension free and content with what I have.

Q. Isn’t it good thing?

A. I don’t know weather it is good or bad but I don’t want to be content. I want to nurture my power, peace, prosperity, popularity, and prestige. I want to out class my teachers and ideals. I want to rule each and every heart forever and ever and ever.

Q. Isn’t it too ambitious?

A. People having my zodiac sign are overly ambitious. I am not anything different.

Q. You are unique, aren’t you?

A. Yes. No other person same finger print as mine.

Q. Also, no other person is superior then you in stupidity. What happen to other criterias?

A. Yes. I attended online lecture for two hours. This is my only self-talk for today, and No one ask for my help today.

Q. How bad your day actually is?

A. I will say a little better than worse. My start is horrendous but ending is good.

Q. What else you did today?

A. I subscribe to elevate today and now I have one more criteria for a good day (good means better than average).

Q. What is that?

A. Complete all the daily workout of elevate.

Q. How many criteria you have?

A. Five. If I complete all the criteria activities then my day is good.

Q. Fine. What else you did?

A. I helped my father in his business.

Q. And?

A. Watched “The kingdom of Krishna” on discovery plus.

Q. And?

A. That’s all.

Q. How is your last blog performance?

A. Eight likes, eleven views, zero comment with liked to viewed ration of .727

Q. Did you completed two hours online lecture yesterday night?

A. Yes. I slept around one last night.

Q. You slept late yesterday but blaming your overslept phenomenon to gratitude. Why?

A. Because I was over sleeping from past three four days but today it created real problem in completing my criteria activities.

Q. Do you have any future plan besides completing your criteria activities?

A. Yes I have but I don’t know what destiny have for me so it is better that I renounce all my commitments.

Q. What will this do?

A. Let see.

Q. You renouncing all your commitment will not harm your will to thrive?

A. What you think, renouncing all my commitment is piece of cake. Even renouncing all my commitment is also a type of commitment.

Q. What will you do then?

A. I will try to complete my criteria activities and the destiny decide the future because destiny is neither friend nor enemy. It is as it is. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmations.

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