Story 21347-Night

Secret to pleasurable life is, “Do goodness in secret and sin in public.”

Q. How?

A. If one do sin in public then only brave will mess with them and brave people are happy people. A good opponent makes one stronger.

Q. Then why one should do goodness in secret?

A. To avoid unnecessary feedbacks and drama.

Q. Is it possible to do this?

A. Every person who is living a pleasurable life is doing this.

Q. Do you have any example?

A. See, I told you, do the goodness in secret.

Q. How is your day?

A. I didn’t find a single person who needed my help today.

Q. How hard you try?

A. Not too hard.

Q. What about other criteria?

A. I completed fabulous challenge, wrote self-help talk in morning, and attended online lecture for one and half hours.

Q. How you want to rate your day?

A. I still have time to complete watching lecture for two hours.

Q. What were you doing whole day?

A. I woke up late today, around eight something, which makes me late in every task I need to complete.

Q. This is the only reason?

A. I took up two extra task which eat many minutes of my day.

Q. What are they?

A. First one is, I start managing digital ledger of a party of my fathers business. It took around one hours.

Q. And second?

A. Second is, I start configuring landline application on my mother and my mobile which took more than half an hour.

Q. Why you do that?

A. I initiated the process thinking it will take few minutes but it took good amount of time.

Q. What you learned from this?

A. Nothing new. I have to do my criteria activities before attempting any other activities (first lesson). I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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