Story 21350-Night

Q. How is your day?

A. Let’s go through the criterias.

Q. Let’s do it. Did you completed fabulous challenge?

A. Morning one is completed, night one still have to be done.

Q. Did you wrote your self talk?

A. Yes. This is my second self talk of the day.

Q. How many hour do you attended online lectures?

A. For more than two and half hours.

Q. How many people you helped today?

A. None.

Q. What’s your verdict for today?

A. Today is an average active day. Cool.

Q. What else you did today?

A. I played elevate.

Q. And?

A. I watched T.V for few hours.

Q. And?

A. I slept for few hours.

Q. And?

A. I did some household activities.

Q. And?

A. That’s all.

Q. How’s your last blog post performed?

A. It have seven likes, nine views, zero comments with liked to viewed ration of .77.

Q. Are you satisfied?

A. Although I worked less compare to yesterday but today is really productive day.

Q. Are you satisfied?

A. No

Q. Why?

A. Because I didn’t helped anyone today.

Q. Why you do that?

A. Today other than my family member I didn’t interacted to anyone.

Q. If you had helped someone will you be satisfied?

A. Helping at least one and at most three person is one of the criteria for an average day. I failed to do it today and that’s why I am not satisfied.

Q. What else you have in your mind?

A. At the divine period of Deepawali celebration I renounce all my commitments. Happy Deepawali

Q. How can you do this?

A. I learned from my Gurus (Teachers) that it is right thing to do and I will keep doing it as long as I can.

Q. Didn’t this make you a sinner?

A. If that the case then I ask for the forgiveness from the Sun every time I do it. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to watch and share my YouTube Affirmation.

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