Story 21355-Night

Q. Why are you back again?

A. I paid to use this domain and space of internet. You should be the one who in encroaching my properity.

Q. How you can say that?

A. I can say that.

Q. Aren’t we a team?

A. Yes we are.

Q. Will you be effective without me?

A. Yes but not this much.

Q. So tell me you fool why you are here?

A. To discuss my day you sick.

Q. How is your day?

A. I am thinking.

Q. How much time do you need?

A. Just little bit more.

Q. What are you thinking?

A. I am thinking that should I scold myself for performing worse than tomorrow or I need to set some standard to check about the quality of my day.

Q. By the word standard a recurring question occur to me. What is your last blog states?

A. It have nine views, six likes, zero comments with .66 liked to view ration which is more than my set standard of 0.6 liked to viewed ration.

Q. When will you increase this set standard?

A. I will do that once I complete my Marg course.

Q. What you think about the standard about the quality of day?

A. First Criteria for a good day is, for me, to complete the fabulous challenge.

Q. What is Fabulous challenge?

A. Fabulous is an app available on play store which give small challenges to develop better habits.

Q. What is your second criteria?

A. My second criteria is to write at least one self talk (blog post) everyday for about half an hour of session.

Q. Fine. What is your third criteria?

A. My third criteria is to watch at least two hours of online lectures everyday with concentration or without concentration.

Q. What is your forth criteria?

A. My last criteria is to help at least one or at most three person everyday.

Q. Your criteria is all set. Will you remember it?

A. I have to note it somewhere for reference purpose.

Q. So how is your day?

A. I still have to complete fabulous challenge as it need to be done in night before bed time. I wrote two blog post (this is my second one). I attended online lecture for more than one hour and did five primer lessons which can be counted as half an hour. Also, I donated some money to three people today.

Q. What verdict you want to pass about your day?

A. I will say it is an average lazy day (not the average active one). I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to give shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Stories on amazon.

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