Story 21355-Morning

Q. Do you wake up on time today?

A. I wake up around my waking up time.

Q. What is your plan for today?

A. Same as yesterday.

Q. What was that?

A. Attend Gate lecture, Marg Lecture, Primer lesson and assist my father in his business.

Q. Isn’t it too much in one plate?

A. Yes it is.

Q. How will you handle it.

A. No bondage. If I get it all done then well and good if not then no harm intended.

Q. Do you want to talk about anything else?

A. No.

Q. What’s your last blog post score and weekly review?

A. My last blog post have five views, five likes, and zero comments with one liked to view ration. I don’t remember my weekly report.

Q. How is your sleep?

A. Good but can be better. I am feeling sleepy right now.

Q. Why?

A. I think because first thing I did today morning is looked at my phone and it is too bright for the lazy eyes.

Q. Do you have any good question to continue this blog post?

A. No. let’s end it here. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. Remember to give shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Shine on amazon.

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