Story 21358-Morning

Q. Did you complete the lecture as stated in previous blog?

A. No

Q. Why?

A. I start surfing internet looking features of Samsung watch and body composition analyze machine.

Q. Why you do that?

A. My bully father is over weight and my mother is underweight and I love to be fit & healthy.

Q. What will above machine will do?

A. It give me an idea about my fat percentage and muscle mass. It can also determine my virtual body age.

Q. What you do after that?

A. I bought it and then I sleep.

Q. What’s your agenda for today?

A. Same as yesterday and day before yesterday.

Q. What was that?

A. Attend Gate and Marg lectures, do one minicourse on primer.

Q. Will you do it?

A. Yes.

Q. Will you say it?

A. Yes. Today I will attend Gate and Marg lecture and do one minicourse on primer.

Q. Good. Anything else you want to do?

A. I like to generate prosperity for myself.

Q. How will you do that?

A. I have no idea but I know I am generating prosperity.

Q. Don’t you think you should know the answer to above question?

A. Yes. It will be helpful.

Q. Then what is the answer?

A. I am thinking about building an app.

Q. Do you know coding?

A. No.

Q. Then how will you do it?

A. I will search about the concern topic on internet. Last night in my search I found that without having the knowledge of coding building app is possible.

Q. You have any idea about the product?

A. I have few Ideas like an app for journal in question answer format but I have no blueprint about it.

Q. Do you find out ways to celebrate your small achievements?

A. Not yet. Celebration should be like that which generate the feeling of accomplishment and bring out the positive emotion for the accomplished task.

Q. When will you find it?

A. It is on it’s way.

Q. Anything else in your to do list?

A. There are many trivial things and rituals but nothing big I am able to think right now.

Q. Are you really thinking?

A. Yes. I got one more thing. Check the status of my eBook Suryavanshi Stories on amazon. I got to go. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. remember to give shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Stories on amazon.

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