Story 21362-Morning

Q. What’s your plan for today?

A. Attend gate and marg lectures.

Q. isn’t it a recurring task?

A. Yes.

Q. Then why you are mentioning it instead of just doing it?

A. It will take huge chunk of my day time. Also it is very significant task for not to enter in the list.

Q. What else you want to do?

A. I was worried that I will not able to wake up before seven, but I did it. Now the challenge is to stay awake whole day.

Q. Do you have any Idea how you will do it?

A. Yesh. I can drink water and wash my face when ever I feel like sleeping. Problem is online lectures are like lullaby.

Q. I get it. Had you completed the one primer minicourse yesterday night?

A. Of course

Q. What you learned?

A. What I learned. First step to start any business is to have a viable business idea along with good business plan and a prototype which can tested before the quest for fund raising begins.

Q. Isn’t it lots of work?

A. I took the longest minicourse which have thirteen lesson. It is bound to be lots of work.

Q. Is it worth the time?

A. All I can say is by taking minicourse I have some idea about what to do to put a step forward. I will take one minicourse today to. Only drawback I came to know about it is that it promote the software company situated in America.

Q. From where you belong?

A. I am from India. Land of Vedic astrology.

Q. Your plan looks very boring. Can you think of more activates to make it interesting?

A. Not now. Everything else is routine tasks.

Q. What the reader engagement for the last blog post?

A. 7 views, 7 likes, 0 comment with 1 liked to viewed ration.

Q. It is incredible isn’t it?

A. Yes except the fact that Luisa Zambrotta keep liking my post without reading it.

Q. How you can say that?

A. Maths and logical reasoning.

Q. Will you mind to explain?

A. Yes. No explanation given.

Q. Whatever. Your self talk is boring. I don’t know why anyone read it.

A. It is not about the content. It is about the way content is being given to consume. Now times up. Got to go. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living and remember to give shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Stories on amazon.

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