Story 21363-Morning

Good Morning Everybody

Q. Why you left abruptly in last blog post?

A. Time for self talk was over and I have to surf the internet.

Q. Is internet surfing is that important?

A. Who knows. By the way it’s best way to kill time.

Q. Why you want to kill time?

A. Least interaction with any human being is my nature.

Q. What you writing about in this blog post?

A. I am going to plan my day within this blog post.

Q. What is the most significant activity which you want to accomplish today?

A. I say it will attending the gate and Marg online lecture.

Q. That’s all?

A. This activity alone will take six to seven hours of my day.

Q. How will you do that?

A. This will quite uncomfortable situation because in attending online class mind comes with all type of genuine idea which can be accomplished in one or two minutes. I have to avoid distraction to concentrate on the lecture.

Q. How will you do that?

A. I will sit with a pen and notepad and write all the idea which comes to mind in it so that I can do it afterword.

Q. How many hours do you sleep?

A. less than eight hours?

Q. then you have left with sixteen hours. If six hours will be removed from it then again you will be left with ten hours. What you are going to do in that ten hours?

A. That’s a lot of time at first glance but daily routine work will take major chunk of it and leave me with few activities to do with.

Q. What routine activity?

A. Routine activities like writing a blog post as a self talk, taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner etc.

Q. So all you have is to attend the lecture?

A. No, not at all. I have to take my sister to doctor, who is suffering from fever. I have to do data entry of ledger from the previous week, deposit money collected from business transaction to back and get my father to write a application to bank manager to change the default mobile number attached to the business accout.

Q. That’s all?

A. Yes that’s all.

Q. This will hardly take two hours. Isn’t it?

A. May be, may be not.

Q. What will you do rest of the time.

A. If I can then I will get bored rest of the time. Hey. I forget to mention that I will do a minicourse from primer too.

Q. What difference will it make?

A. It will provide the business man prospective to run a small business.

Q. Will you able to do all that?

A. This first day of self talk and I am sure I can do it because of newness of the process.

Q. What was your last blog post engagement score?

A. Time up. Got to go. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. If you like my blog post give a shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Shine at amazon.

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