Story 21364

Q. Hey! What’s up?

A. All set.

Q. What set?

A. Right now I have almost all the latest gadgets.

Q. Nice. First of all enlighten me where were you?

A. I was too busy spending money that I didn’t get time to write blog to generate property.

Q. Why?

A. I don’t know. Maybe because of Vedic remedies I am using, I feel energies, enthusiastic, and motivated when I spend money to buy things.

Q. Then how come you get time to write a blog tonight?

A. Actually it is the result of change of daily schedule of my life.

Q. What type of change?

A. The time I blocked to make the to do list is replace by the time blocked for self-talk.

Q. Why you do that?

A. At first I was so full of inspiration that I wrote everything I can do by myself or with the help of someone but then with the passage of time as the newness of the process is over I start categorizing task based on the time taken to complete it in my mind thus avoiding writing the task which will take one or more hour to do.

Q. Isn’t it long paragraph for question answer type format blog?

A. It is because I am explaining the week long process to the reader of this blog post.

Q. Why you do that? Does anyone asked about your explanation? or Better version of this question will be, ” does anyone need your explanation?”

A. Some cares about explanations some don’t.

Q. Ok fine. If you had blocked the time for self-talk then why you are writing this blog post?

A. This will be my self-talk from now onward.

Q. Whooo wait. Is this your self talk?

A. Yes.

Q. Then why you are writing it here?

A. Because I paid money to by the subscription of my domain. I have to do something with it. It is good way to create the blog as well as clear the mind to remain inspire.

Q. And what happen to your idea of generating prosperity by writing blog post and your reader engagement algorithm?

A. For now on they are the complementary dish to consume.

Q. What you write in this blog post about?

A. Let discuss the day tonight.

Q. Fine. howz your day?

A. I can say not disappointing.

Q. Not disappointing. What type of day it is?

A. I get a new fan installed my my room in place of old one which stopped working three month or something like that time ago. Times up. I got to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living. If you like my blog post give a shout out to my eBook Suryavanshi Stories available at amazon.

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