Story 21369

Q. How do you do?

A. I am spending money like crazy.

Q. Why?

A. It makes me feel productive and prosperous.

Q. Where you spend your money?

A. For instance this blog site is not generating any revenue still I renewed its subscription.

Q. Why?

A. Having a domain name looks cool on social media.

Q. Are you saying you are just following the trend?

A. Yes.

Q. Stupid. Where else you spend your money?

A. I purchased a noise smart-watch.

Q. Why?

A. It is awesome. I can take call and send messages from it.

Q. I thought people use phone for that purpose. What else it do?

A. Not much. Accuracy of reading is not as per.

Q. Then why you are so excited about it?

A. It have a sleep analysis function which indicated the quality of sleep I am having and for how long I am sleeping.

Q. What you find out?

A. My sleep is very messed up. I have long hour of light sleep with comparison to amount of deep sleep I am having.

Q. Is it good thing or bad?

A. Obviously it is bad, but good news is that my sleep cycle is getting better.

Q. How?

A. Thanks to apps like loop habit tracker, home workout, and fabulous.

Q. What are they doing?

A. These app are assisting me virtually to increase my quality of life as well as sleep.

Q. How you know that these apps are increasing your quality of life as well as sleep?

A. By my smart watch.

Q. Why you are showing two smart watch?

A. I bought one for my mother first. I used it and then order one for myself. Sadly my mother’s smart watch don’t have call receiving feature. You can guess which one is for my mother.

Q. Why you bought inferior watch to your mother?

A. Digital world is inventing and innovation so quickly that once a Rockstar product become obsolete over night.

Q. Where else you spend your money?

A. I get broadband connection for my family business.

Q. Isn’t it a investment?

A. No. It only take money to recharge it but generate no direct income.

Q. Ok. Where else you spend your money?

A. You are getting to curious of my expenditure. That’s enough. As promised in my last blog I am here to inform you about online course.

Q. How much it will cost?

A. It is free of cost and provided by google.

Q. What is the name of that course?

A. Google launched an app name primer where it offer minicourse for businessman and women. Just download it and do one mini-course everyday. It will take thirty minutes or less.

Q. If it is so good then why it is free?

A. It not that great that it can take place of proper study material but it can give a new perspective to business person, and if repeated enough time it will change the thinking pattern of brain.

Q. Are you using it?

A. I already done four five courses.

Q. What else you do?

A. I updated my eBook content. It is still 13 page long but now the message is more subtle that aggressive. You can buy it by click on image.

Q. How many thing you have done in these seven days?

A. I am surprise too. I guess Navagraha yantra is working perfectly. If you too want to be productive like me buy a Navagraha yantra for yourself. If you are so poor that you cannot buy Navagraha yantra then go to home page of Adobe of Humans and take the challenge.

Q. Isn’t it superstition?

A. Whatever. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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