Story 21376

Q. Where were you for last four days?

A. Just living the usual boring life.

Q. Then why you are writing today?

A. After so many weeks, today I am feeling energetic.

Q. Why, What happen?

A. There is always some work left to carry over and some problems to resolve but when the morning and night routine start to getting in place then it’s feel good.

Q. Can’t you give straight forward answer?

A. I guess mantra of Adobe of Humans is doing it’s job.

Q. What is mantra of Adobe of Humans?

A. Search for yourself. It is on the website

Q. So only mantra of Adobe of Humans makes you feel good today?

A. There are many more factors but it is tough to put them in words therefore I am giving a starting activity which put me in the situation I am today.

Q. You are saying mantra of Adobe of Humans is the starting activity which makes you feel good today?

A. For intelligent people, Yes. For not so intelligent people I will say that it is ॐ because of which I am feeling good today.

Q. What has ॐ did to make you feel good today?

A. One of the meaning of ॐ is creation, destruction, and everything in between. ॐ has created this universe in which milky way floats and Navagraha belongs. These Navagraha along with lord Shiva manages the emotional, mental, physical and whatever state of humans. I hope you are getting my point.

Q. If ॐ is so powerful then why not take only his help instead of taking help from Navagraha and Lord Shiva?

A. ॐ is too powerful, mysterious, and bright to be in it’s vicinity when it is alone. To pacify it’s effect its help should be taken indirectly. Navagraha and Lord Shiva provide me the help from ॐ but they do this indirectly which is good for me.

Q. If that the case then what role mantra of Adobe of Humans have to play?

A. No matter how favorable Navagraha and Lord Shiva are, a person have to put effort in some activity to feel fulfilled. Mantra of Adobe of Humans helps the person to feel the blessings of Navagraha and Lord shiva by putting effort in there desired activities.

Q. Is there no other way?

A. Certainly there are many more ways. There are many more stars in milky way but I consider Sun as god which represent visible truth because it is closest star near to me and its effects are brilliantly visible.

Q. Is anyone getting your point?

A. I hope so.

Q. How you can hope so?

A. Because of my last blog post stats.

Q. What is your last blog post stats?

A. 11 view, 11 likes, 0 comments, and 1 liked to view ration. A perfect score.

Q. Congratulations. Why you are writing this blog post?

A. You can say, to generate prosperity.

Q. How you are going to generate prosperity from this blog post?

A. Go to gift idea page of amazon by clicking on the link here.

Q. Why?

A. There is an option to give thank you gift card.

Q. So what?

A. Send that gift card today to someone who helped you in your darkest time and asked nothing in return.

Q. By sending this gift card will clear you from there debt?

A. Not at all but it will cheer them up. Besides spiritual prosperity, material prosperity is significantly important if not equally.

Q. If I am not able to come up with anyone’s name who helped me then what?

A. Then use the congratulation gift card and send it to someone so that they can celebrate there success. That’s all for this blog post. I will come up with information about some course in next blog post till then I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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