Story 21393

Q. What’s going on?

A. Just boring life and lots of overthinking.

Q. What you overthink about?

A. Sometimes I think that I revert back to ancient way of making prosperity.

Q. What was that way?

A. The more powerful one, usually with good zodiac signs, overthrow less powerful ones, usually with bad zodiac sign, and capture all his prosperity.

Q. Isn’t it illegal?

A. I am not judge to decide whether it is legal or illegal. I am just saying our ancestors used to do that.

Q. Then why they stop doing it now?

A. They still do it, but now things appear more organic.

Q. How you can say that?

A. Let’s take the example of Jesus.

Q. What Jesus has done?

A. Jesus was on an adventure to establish kingdom of god.

Q. So? He was doing act of goodness. what’s wrong with it?

A. He was not going to create any new piece of land. He just wanted different kings to abundant their prosperity and follow his ways. One of the powerful king refuse to do so, captured him, tortured him, and end his life.

Q. Jesus was son of god. If he wanted he could have created new piece of lands but he didn’t because he wanted to show the people a better way of living.

A. If you think Jesus way of living was better way of living then live like Jesus, I don’t mind. But in my opinion Jesus was just a rebel who rebels against the existing authority to establish his own authority as son of God and he succeeded with flying colors.

Q. Why you are so mean to Jesus?

A. I am just saying what I think was the ancient way of generating great prosperity.

Q. Then why you talk about Jesus specifically?

A. First thing is, if I have given the example of Changez khan then you will have easily said that he was a tyrant without taking into consideration the number of people punished for not considering Jesus as son of God. Secondly, belief in a higher power keep the humans humble, kind, and supportive.

Q. Is Changez Khan your ancestor?

A. No.

Q. Is Jesus your ancestor?

A. No.

Q. Then why you are not talking about your ancestors instead of belittling others?

A. As far as I know my ancestors were employees in the army of different kings where they showed their valor then they become farmer and now in democracy they are government employees.

Q. Whoe, Why you are defending your ancestors now and make them look like angles?

A. I told you earlier that in democracy things appear more organic. Now, no one can behead other person and snatch his prosperity. Still, people uses different tactics to initiate the process but then they have to go through legal procedures to bring it to completion. In democracy, people call them competitors. In communist, people call them enemy.

Q. Are you saying that people with bad zodiac sign are always victims?

A. I am not saying that. If people with bad zodiac sign have the authority then they are more involve in underhand crimes because their heart is too weak to face direct confrontation and criticism.

Q. What are the underhand crimes?

A. Crimes like bribing, spying and riding on two boats. They are always in search of authority to prove their loyalty and innocence.

Q. How you can say that? Isn’t it too dark that everyone is criminal one way or another?

A. You can say that. This is domain of Saturn (who represent hidden truth). We can ignore it’s presence but cannot avoid it.

Q. Then what any person should do in such situations?

A. As long as effect of sun (who represent visible truth) is more prominent in person society will flourish.

Q. How to make effect of sun more prominent?

A. Let’s talk about this some other time. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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