Story 21396

Q. What’s up?

A. My friend’s father died yesterday.

Q. That’s sad. Why you telling this here?

A. He was just 62 year old religious man who carried his professional duties in bank very responsibly. On the other hand Mr. Vijay Mallya who lives his life like he is in heaven is 66 now and still alive.

Q. So what you want to convey?

A. I am just curious what are the factors which will decide a persons living age.

Q. You find out anything?

A. How will I find out anything about persons living age when I don’t know whether I will die or not.

Q. You are funny. Then why you are curious?

A. I am curious that if by some chance I die then will someone perform my last rites or not.

Q. What you think?

A. According to my theory if I die as a prosperous man and write my prosperity on the name of some religious person then he will surly perform my last rites properly.

Q. Why you are so worried about last rites when you don’t know whether you will die or not?

A. Thought of living my body behind alone to disintegrate is very scary for me.

Q. Who said your body will disintegrate when you leave your body?

A. This is what use to happen to poor, old, and dead people.

Q. Fine. I don’t want to go to that lane now. Tell me, who is you who will leave your body behind?

A. I will leave this question for you to answer.

Q. Why are you writing this blog post?

A. I am writing this blog post to generate prosperity.

Q. How much prosperity you had generated from your last blog post?

A. It have perfect score. 1 liked to viewed ration.

Q. What is this?

A. This means 9 people viewed my blog post and 9 people liked my blog post. Sadly 9 people in both the cases are not same.

Q. You already told me this in your last blog post. How are you going to generate prosperity from this blog post?

A. Good question. Very very good question. I can promote other blog in my blog post.

Q. Which blog you will promote in your blog post?

A. Any blog which I find engaging enough or if any one ask me to promote their blog.

Q. Do you have any marketing strategy?

A. Not yet. 

Q. Do you have any qualification or experience for marketing?

A. Not yet.

Q. Which blog will you promote?

A. Not decided yet.

Q. Are you going mad?

A. Unfortunately I don’t know.

Q. You are not prepare for the task you are undertaking. How will you going to do it?

A. See, one thing is very clear from few of the last blog post that this question-answer type format of writing blog post is very engaging for readers. On my part, if I take few proper measures then I will get ardent followings which will be a great boost for promotion work and ultimately in generation of prosperity.

Q. What are those measures?

A. For instance I have to keep faith in ॐ and use it before affirmation which I clipped with sama vritti. I also have to keep sun (representation of visible truth) as center of Navagraha. 

Q. How will you find out which blog to promote?

A. That’s real headache as long as client don’t come to me.

Q. What happen to you affiliation marketing idea?

A. It is also on the plate. For that I have to understand the reader’s need and psychology. Promoting blog will give me better insights.

Q. Don’t you think the prosperity generation rate is very slow in this way?

A. Yes it is but this is only rational way which appears to me.

Q. Why don’t you try to do something bold and big?

A. My zodiac sign don’t allow it.

Q. Isn’t it self impose limit?

A. I guess I know what sun is doing to me. If I take bold and big actions then I will not be able to keep up with after effect to make it a success.

Q. What you want to say, say it clearly?

A. Don’t bother yourself because of other’s people matters. I have to go now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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