Story 21397

Q. How are you doing?

A. Not good.

Q. Why?

A. Because sun is burning mercury.

Q. So?

A. So I am loosing prosperity faster than I am generating it.

Q. Why your self talk is so negative?

A. Because of locked movement of mercury.

Q. What does this mean?

A. This means that mercury is only planet so close to sun that it’s rotation is being locked because of gravitational force of sun.

Q. What does this have to do with you?

A. I think because of this I am most hard working but least effective team member of a community.

Q. You think but you don’t know?

A. In astrology, whether Vedic or Western, planets revolution have effect on humans. I am most certain that there will be some relation between planets rotation speed and humans social effectiveness.

Q. What you actually want to conclude?

A. I want to understand Vedic astrology, western astrology and astronomy so that I can extract the require knowledge using my contemplation ability which can be use to determine the influence a person will have on the coming generation.

Q. So complicated. Has anyone done it before?

A. In Vedic astrology, yes few rishis had done it to determine the person status in the society. Ravan is one of them who has written Ravan Samhita.

Q. Why you don’t use that knowledge then instead of extracting new knowledge?

A. According to astronomy our solar system is also moving which indicates that relative position of planets and sun with respect to different nakshatra at Ravan (if he existed) time is different as compare to my time. Also the contemplation ability of every individual is different therefore knowledge extracted from the same information is different for different persons.

Q. If that’s the case then will the knowledge you may extract will relevant for other persons?

A. There will definitely some error which will crept in.

Q. Then why not use the available knowledge instead of creating new one?

A. You are right. But I still want to know the effect of planets rotation, revolution and other astronomical properties on humans life. It was very interesting to know that sun is also rotating at it axis and mercury is only planet which is being burn by sun as well as whose rotation is locked because of sun. I also want to understand western as well as Vedic astrology because outside perspective along with inside prospective gives more clarity.

Q. What so special about mercury?

A. Mercury is my ruling planet. Mercury’s properties have direct influence on my character and personality.

Q. And what is difference between western and Vedic astrology?

A. I think Vedic astrology is more prosperous than western astrology. It also have remedies for astrological problems but western astrology is more up to date with astronomical science which Vedic astrology lacks.

Q. Do people with good planet as ruling planet always achieve tremendous success without pain?

A. Pain and suffering are inevitable for humans. Every human have to face it more than once. And person with good zodiac sign also fail to achieve success sometimes.

Q. Does person born in your zodiac sign never succeed?

A. They do succeed too.

Q. Suppose you have worse zodiac sign. Then what is the problem?

A. I am sure I have worse zodiac sign. People born under my zodiac sign have lofty ambitions but there heart and brain don’t support them enough. They lack all round success.

Q. Why you say that?

A. Because sun is burning mercury as well as hindering it’s proper rotation.

Q. Your life is tough. isn’t it?

A. My life is just like any other person but because mercury is my ruling planet my bounce back resolution is weaker than other zodiac sign and my self talk turns negative in adversity. God, who created nine planets, must be laughing hard right now.

Q. Suppose sun is your zodiac ruler then what will you do?

A. Destiny is neither friend nor enemy. it is as it is. As long as my wishes are being fulfilled I am satisfied with any zodiac sign.

Q. What are your wishes?

A. There are many desires. One of them is, I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

Q. That’s all?

A. Since today is teachers day in my nation one of my desire is to surpass all my teachers and Gurus.

Q. That’s foolishly ambitious. Suppose you extract the required knowledge from astronomy and Vedic and western astrology then what will you do?

A. I will use that knowledge to nurture my power, peace, and prosperity.

Q. Are you really going to do such extensive research?

A. It is impossible for me. As I told earlier, I have lofty ambitions but my heart and brain don’t support it.

Q. What will you do then?

A. Let see what destiny and my will to thrive together have for me. I am also using few astrological remedies of Vedic Astrology.

Q. Oh ho. By the way, why are you writing this blog post?

A. To generate prosperity.

Q. What happens to your last blog post?

A. It have 10 views, 9 likes, and 0 comments with 0.9 liked to viewed ration.

Q. That’s very good score. You must be very happy?

A. Not that much. Few people liked my blog post without reading it.

Q. How you find out?

A. There was increase in likes without any increase in views.

Q. How are you planning to generate prosperity from this blog post?

A. This blog post is like net practice to generate prosperity after a gap. I have no link in it. If reader read the whole blog post and liked it then it will be enough prosperity for this blog post. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

Q. Why you wish for everyone as well as for yourself when you can wish only for yourself to nurture your power, peace, and prosperity?

A. Because one of my teacher Dr. Joseph Murphy said me to do so. Happy teacher’s day everyone.

2 thoughts on “Story 21397

  1. Thank you! I have sun moon conjunct Mercury in Sag 3rd house. I feel the push and pull, I procrastinate, frozen to do nothing. But when I do release my creative expression does not get the attention I desire.


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