Story 21406

Q. So, did readers liked your last blog post?

A. Not that much. It have only 0.50 liked to viewed ration.

Q. Why you think this happened?

A. Readers taste is deteriorating.

Q. Readers taste is deteriorating or your attention grabbing skill is deteriorating?

A. Thing is, Jupitar is very aggressive and manipulative protector. Weather they run a education institution, or administration or a crime syndicate they seldom fail to leave a reach legacy. They are very organized and dedicated in their approach. They always want to be in-charge.

Q. What makes you say all this?

A. Little bit research which I did.

Q. Is there any ounce of reality in all this?

A. Look, no matter how good someone zodiac sign is, or how bad it is, no one can live a successful live without a good companion.

Q. What does this means?

A. A good companion or friend or mentor or servant or student or etc. can do wonder in a persons life.

Q. And who you think is a good companion?

A. I think moon is best companion because it will do everything to keep you secure and empower.

Q. Then why not make moon as your companion?

A. Although the goal for person rule by moon is fix they have mood changes like phases of moon. Also it’s a matter of destiny whom we get as our companion.

Q. Then a person’s free will have no role to play in it?

A. All a person can do is keep his old relation and friendship alive and take it slow in making new connections like Venus.

Q. That’s a good idea. Why not everyone do that?

A. I have theory for that.

Q. What theory?

A. Since sun is a star therefore it is burning with it own fuel and giving light to others and keeping other planets in orbit which makes it the most powerful in Navagraha.

Q. Why you are talking about sun when we are discussing about Venus.

A. Venus is the planet which is being lighten up by sun from inside.

Q. What does this means?

A. This means the person ruled by Venus have strongest faith in higher power and they are driven by inner strength which give them ability to endure toughest of circumstances with goodness in heart.

Q. You are again talking about destiny aren’t you?

A. I am saying to keep faith in some higher power and forgive relatives and friends where ever possible.

Q. Are you qualified to say this?

A. No.

Q. I know that. Why are you writing this blog post?

A. This time I am writing for the sake of writing a blog post.

Q. Why you are so obsessed with Navagraha?

A. I find Navagraha as a way of finding meaning in chaos.

Q. What chaos?

A. I want to understand that why same act done by different person in same circumstances is perceived differently by different people.

Q. That’s all?

A. It also amaze me how different people grow differently given the same circumstances.

Q. What you find out?

A. Initially I thought it was because of mindset and hard work but now I think it is because of Ohm, Lord Shiva, and Navagraha.

Q. What makes you change your opinion?

A. My research.

Q. What you found in research?

A. Let’s take the example of Stephen Hawking.

Q. What so special about Stephen Hawking?

A. He is ruled by planet Saturn.

Q. So?

A. Stephen Hawking was paralyzed in his adulthood but then also he have visually appealing family life and carrier just like Saturn. He had two marriages, three children and a university named after him and lots of research paper.

Q. You are saying this happened because he was ruled by Saturn?

A. Yes. He achieved what he achieved because he is ruled by Saturn and supported by Mars.

Q. If Saturn is so powerful then why you are giving more importance to sun?

A. Sun is at totally different level. They are burning from there own fire and giving light to others.

Q. What does this implies?

A. If you look at the person ruled by Sun, like Barack Obama, J.K Rowling, and Bal Gangadhar Tilak, their achievements are inspiring and influential at totally different level.

Q. So the person fate is totally decided at birth due to it’s zodiac sign?

A. All the nine planets have role to play. Also, type of companion determines the quality of life and living standard of the person.

Q. Then what happen to will to thrive?

A. That’s a important factor too. Without will to thrive there is no evolution of life form.

Q. What role Shiva play?

A. Lord Shiva represent serendipity. At present all I can say is Lord Shiva is one of the reason people can contemplate.

Q. What does Ohm do then?

A. ॐ (Ohm) is essence of everything. Ohm is every question and Ohm is every answer as well. Ohm is one of the significant wisdom which will guide me to other wisdoms.

Q. You don’t have complete knowledge?

A. No.

Q. When will you have complete knowledge?

A. Maybe tonight, maybe never. I am ending this blog post now. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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