Story 21408

Q. Are you successful in your last blog post or not?

A. Yes, I succeeded. It have 12 views, 10 likes, 0 comments, with liked to view ration of 0.83

Q. How will you celebrate?

A. This time by thanking two of my Indian gurus.

Q. Who?

A. First one is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who introduced me to pranayama.

Q. And Second?

A. Second one is Sri Angadananda who introduced me to the profound wisdom, almighty Ohm, and way to connect with it.

Q. What do you mean by Indian gurus? Is there any other of them?

A. Yes there are many from different nations but that’s the topic for some other time.

Q. Then why you are writing this blog post?

A. I have a announcement to make.

Q. What announcement?

A. Since is not generating any revenue I will not renew the subscription of

Q. You will not write any blog post from now on?

A. I will write blog post from free WordPress blog domain instead of paid one.

Q. Then how will you generate prosperity?

A. By the knowledge given to me by my gurus I will find a way.

Q. How you are planning to repay your guru then?

A. By surpassing them.

Q. Is it possible?

A. No way.

Q. Why?

A. Because of destiny.

Q. Then why you are even trying?

A. Because of my will to thrive.

Q. Are you stupid?

A Stupid is as stupid does.

Q. That’s a dialog from a movie. isn’t it?

A. Yes. it is from forest gump.

Q. So you have nothing left except coping dialogs from movies?

A. Navagraha is playing huge role in my life.

Q. What does this have to do with coping dialog from movie?

A. It’s a matter of faith. You understand it better because your faith is getting stronger.

Q. Don’t you think your talk is very elusive?

A. Stop focusing on me. Focus of sun.

Q. You will keep chattering like this or you will end this blog post?

A. Yes I already made the announcement it’s time to end this blog post. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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