Story 21411

Q. It’s been three days now, what happens to your last blog post?

A. It has 9 view, 6 likes, and 3 comments. And the likes to viewed ration is .67.

Q. This means you are successful in holding the attention of readers. How will you celebrate?

A. I don’t know how to celebrate.

Q. Then how you celebrated your successes until now?

A. I copied what others do.

Q. Why?

A. Destiny made me this way. Copycat.

Q. Copied from whom?

A. Depends. I appreciate Scorpio, I am more attracted toward Saturn but Venus and Mercury is most suitable for me.

Q. Are you talking about planets?

A. I am talking about the zodiac signs ruled by the said planets.

Q. Aren’t you too complicated?

A. Whatever.

Q. Don’t you think people must be feeling sorry for you?

A. No way because they know by now that destiny is neither friend nor enemy. it is as it is. I am not sorry for you. I am proud of you.

Q. Why?

A. Because your faith is getting stronger. You are everywhere with multiple sources of prosperity ruling each and every heart.

Q. Aren’t you bragging about me?

A. Either accept it or contemplate on it or reject it.

Q. Okay. Why you are writing this blog post?

A. To generate prosperity.

Q. I must have guessed beforehand. How?

A. As I told you earlier that Sun represents visible truth, Saturn represents hidden truth, Lord Shiva represents serendipity, and Jupitar (Sagittarius) represents good fortune. I hope you remember it. But there are few more planets (god) which hold significance. For instance, Venus represents personal achievements and moon represents healing.

Q. So?

A. So these nine planets along with Lord Shiva determine the living standard, quality of life, emotional and mental condition, and social status of any individual at any time.

Q. What do you mean?

A. I am saying that if the nine planets and Lord Shiva is neutral or favorable then the person will get good result for his work ( or effort).

Q. Then how you are going to generate prosperity from this information?

A. There’s a silver locket called Navagraha Yantra on amazon. This locket can make the nine planet neutral or favorable. It will also look fashionable if wear with silver or gold chain.

Q. Can you show the picture of that locket?


Navagraha Yantra

Q. It looks fashionable to you?

A. With silver chain it will surly look good. Beside main purpose to wear this locket is to make the life pleasurable.

Q. Just by wearing this locket life become more pleasurable?

A. You still have to do meditation, exercise, hold your day job, do some service, spend family time, perform your daily duties, interact with people, pray to Shiva, practice sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation etc.

Q. That’s lots of work. What this locket will do?

A. This locket will help you in removing the “lots of” from the above question.

Q. For whom this locket will be suitable?

A. Everyone can give it a try. It is a matter of faith and fashion statement too.

Q. This seems logical. Any other way you want to generate prosperity from this blog post?

A. That’s all. I wish everyone and myself all the pleasures of living.

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