Story 21414

Q. What is the stats of your last blog post?

A. 10 views, 6 likes, 0 comments.

Q. Why it is less than your previous one?

A. You used harsh tone to ask questions that’s why.

Q. Ok. Why you are writing this blog post?

A. I am writing this blog post to generate prosperity.

Q. Will you choose some other topic please?

A. Fine. let me write to hold the attention of everyone.

Q. This will be good. But how will you find that you are successful in holding the attention of everyone?

A. By comparing like to view ration with a set standard. If like to view ratio is more than set standard then I am successful if not then it’s a failure.

Q. Good idea, but what is like to view ration?

A. Like to view ration is ration of number of people likes the post to number of people viewed the post. In other words, number of likes divided by number of views.

Q. And what is your set standard?

A. Let say if the ratio is more than .6 then content is engaging enough.

Q. You are choosing a random number. Is it right way to do it?

A. It is absolutely correct. Anyone can choose any number for this purpose. With the passage of time and improvement in writing skills I can increase the standard if I like.

Q. So you are competing with yourself. What if someone else wants to set standard for you?

A. That would be great. It will be a good test for me.

Q. So in this blog post you are not writing to generate prosperity instead, on my demand, you choose to write to capture the attention of everyone and you also have strategy in place to check whether the post is engaging enough or not. What you are going to write about?

A. I can give a piece of wisdom.

Q. What type of wisdom?

A. A wisdom so simple and profound that if someone give me a mansion for that it would be less.

Q. Yes. you are right. the smell of arrogance is so intense that it is uncontainable.

A. I am not kidding.

Q. Spill the beans now. I mean what is that wisdom?

A. Fame is superficial but daily duties are immortal.

Q. It is simple I can say that but what is profound about it?

A. Thing is, when we talk about someone then we either talk about there characteristics or their achievement but when we remember that same person we remember him or her as he/she is performing his duty.

Q. I am not getting your point, and which duties you are talking about?

A. By duties I mean work which is done to fulfilled the responsibility taken. The point I am trying to convey is that when I talk about my role model I talk about his characteristics and achievement but when I remember him in my solitude then he is performing his duties in the image which comes in my mind.

Q. You are complicating it unnecessarily. Can you make it simple?

A. No.

Q. If it not understandable to everyone then what’s the point of saying it?

A. It is so simple. People have understand it by now.

Q. Yes. They must have understand by now how arrogant you are. That’s all you wanna say?

A. You are again talking sarcastically. This will effect the views on this post.

Q. So what. All you care about is like to view ration. That’s all you wanna say?

A. I thought I will fill up two-three pages while explaining the wisdom I had written.

Q. Why you give up so easily then?

A. I don’t want to take any example to explain it.

Q. Why so?

A. It will degrade its value.

Q. How come?

A. Wisdom are given to contemplate and to utilize it in day to day life not to learn and publicize it.

Q. Oh ho. What you want everyone to conclude form your wisdom?

A. I am simply saying that keep performing your daily duties. May be you too become immortal like your duties.

Q. Become immortal? Don’t you think this post must end now?

A. No. Not at all. I want to drag this post as long as I can.

Q. Will everyone be remain interested if you keep dragging this post?

A. Unfortunately not, but if somehow I make it entertaining then they don’t mind reading few more lines.

Q. And how will you make it entertaining?

A. By wishing myself and everyone all the pleasures of living.

Q. This will make the reading more entertaining?

A. No, but it will lighten the mood little bit.

Q. You can say that. You are successful in lighting the mood once, now what?

A. If everyone bothered to read this far they don’t mind giving there valuable feedbacks.

Q. What make you think anyone has read your post this far?

A. My optimism.

Q. Your Optimism or your arrogance?

A. My optimism. By the way I am grumpy not arrogant.

Q. Your objective for this blog post is to capture the attention of everyone. Didn’t you think you are swayed away from your objective?

A. I am right on track. Hello everyone, give a big shout out if you are reading this line.

Q. You are so naïve. Why don’t you learn public speaking skill instead of sharpening your writing skill.

A. Sharpening the writing skill is less expansive than learning the public speaking.

Q. Public Speaking will generate faster growth than the writing skills. Don’t you want to grow rapidly.

Q. Let the destiny decide my growth rate because destiny is neither friend nor enemy, it is as it is. I got to go now. I wish myself and everyone all the pleasures of living.

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