Story 21415

Q. What is the purpose of this blog post?

A. Purpose of this blog post is to generate prosperity.

Q. What? Your last blog post is also for generating prosperity. isn’t it?

A. So what. I can write consecutive blog post to generate prosperity.

Q. What happened to your last engaging blog post? haha

A. I have 12 views, 7 likes, and 0 comments.

Q. Are you satisfied with it?

A. What can I say. I have 532 followers but have only 12 views. You can guess by yourself.

Q. What you are going to do now?

A. I don’t know

Q. You don’t know? didn’t you practice the script beforehand?

A. Only in my mind. This is first time I am putting it in writing.

Q. Why?

A. It feels more organic.

Q. Then if you don’t know then how you are going to generate prosperity from this blog post?

A. I can promote my eBook.

Q. Ha, how many readers clicked on your link in last blog post?

A. None

Q. I told you, no one going to read your book. Now what?

A. I can try one more time by giving link of my eBook here.

Q. Stop talking about your garbage eBook. There are thousands if not lakhs of good books to read. Why anyone will read your 13 page eBook.

A. Exception exists most of the time. Maybe some readers find time to read story 21416 and click on the link to buy my eBook.

Q. Shut up. What are your other options?

A. In my knowledge affiliation marketing is only option left for me.

Q. What is affiliation marketing you are talking about since your last blog post?

A. Affiliation marketing is a way to generate income by promoting and selling products of different ecommerce site from my blog site.

Q. Which ecommerce site product you are going to promote?

A. At present I only have knowledge about amazon which work well with WordPress.

Q. Which product you are going to promote then?

A. Whatever readers wants to buy.

Q. Readers will buy whatever they want to buy from somewhere else. they are not going to tell you what they want to buy and wait for you to promote that product. How will you find out what readers want to buy?

A. I think I can use trail and error method.

Q. What is trail and error method?

A. According to this method I will promote a category of products. If it sells then I will promote more products of same category otherwise I jump up to next category.

Q. This seems very combersome and hectic method. isn’t it?

A. At present this is only visible way to me.

Q. Which category you want to promote in this blog post?

A. Let’s start by decorating the living room.

Q. Which product you want to promote in this blog post?

A. Here the list of product on amazon. If reader find my content engaging enough then they will buy some thing from it.

Q. Why you think anyone care about you writing engaging content?

A. The answer is very simple. Because everyone wants something to be passionate about, something to keep themselves occupied. If I keep the readers occupied long enough they will surly share my blog post and eventually they will buy from my blog site.

Q. You are way to much optimistic. Everyone is busy in creating there own engaging content. Why they read your blog post?

A. I am optimistic? Everyone wants good thoughts to feed their mind.

Q. That’s enough. You has given the link to buy the product from amazon. Let’s see how many people click on the link or buy any product. Anything else you want to say?

A. I wish myself and everyone all the pleasures of living.

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