Story 21416

Q. Why you are writing this blog post?

A. To generate prosperity.

Q. What do you mean by prosperity?

A. By prosperity I mean money, food, clothes, house, cars, followers, fans and everything good.

Q. How you are going to generate prosperity from this site?

A. By writing engaging content which hold the attention of reader and through affiliation marketing.

Q. Are you content engaging enough?

A. I think so. By the way this new skill seems good in attracting the attention of reader. I have no feedback system to conclude the quality of my blog posts.

Q. Which new skill you are talking about? and why there is no feedback system yet?

A. The new skill I am talking about is the ability to write the blog post in question-answer format. I think I take my site as part time work and therefore not sincere enough about the quality of writing. Besides people are more attracted toward visual content instead of written one.

Q. You think? This mean you are not sure why there is no feedback system.

A. I am sure that I am not giving sufficient attention to my site.

Q. Then how you are going to generate prosperity from this blog post if you don’t know that you are capturing the attention of reader or not?

A. I can promote my eBook here. Also if reader like this blog post they will comment in the comment section.

Q. You have written an eBook?

A. Yes. It is a thirteen page eBook published on amazon.

Q. Thirteen pages only? I will not ask the name of book because no one going to read it.

A. May be, but if you like you can buy it from amazon by clicking on here.

Q. You promoted your eBook in this blog post anyhow. Anyway, what make you think that reader will comment if they like your blog post?

A. They used to do it on other blog post.

Q. But the writer of other blog post also interact with them. what about you?

A. You are right. My communication with other bloggers is very limited and it will remain like this.

Q. Why you don’t want to interreact more with other bloggers?

A. My interaction from other bloggers is less because they are very passionate about there writing where as my writing appear because of my dispassion.

Q. If you don’t interact with other bloggers then how you will generate prosperity from your site?

A. I will generate prosperity from my site by writing engaging content and through affiliation marketing.

I wish myself and everyone all the pleasures of living

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