Story 21418

Q. Why you are writing blog after so many days?

A. Writing blog is not fulfilling my objective.

Q. What is your objective?

A. My objective for this blog site is to generate revenue from it.

Q. What you have to offer from this blog site?

A. From this blog site I am providing knowledge which I gain from my experience and introspection.

Q. Why you are using this question answer type format instead of statement type format?

A. The question answer type format give more clarity and better for introspection compare to statement type format.

Q. Have you generated any income from this blog site?

A. Nothing yet.

Q. What is your objective for this blog post?

A. My objective from this blog post it to generate income.

Q. Is generating income is the objective of all your blog posts?

A. No, not always. Some time I write for the sake of writing, other times I write to share my point of view on different matters, and sometimes I write to generate income.

Q. How to find out which blog post is for what?

A. I will try to mention the objective of blog post, but it is up to readers how they receive it.

I wish myself and everyone all the pleasures of living.

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