Story 21431

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans.

Once upon a time the king of Ayodhya along with his wife and brother were living in the forest. The king of Lanka decided to kidnap his wife and conspired against him and succeed. The king of Ayodhya was divested by this. He start remembering how his wife loves him, care for him and stood by his side for last thirteen years and now she needed him, she need his protection and it is time he return the love but how? These thoughts overwhelmed him. He contemplated that if he didn’t know where she is then how can he protect her. It’s scares him. He start asking to nature, where are you, where are you, where are you, and gave his 100 percent effort to search for her. Within a year nature responded. He found out the where about of his wife, reciprocated his love and freed her by slaying the king of Lanka. At last all three of them happily return to Ayodhya.

Dear readers, I already told you about the three major gods that is Sun which represent visible truth, Saturn which represent hidden truth, and Shiva which represent serendipity. But what about prosperity and abundance? So, everything created by or created under the supervision of people born between 22 November to 21 December is good fortune. Suggestions, Literature, Art, Music, Movies, Business etc. Enjoy it, internalize it, and flaunt it.

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