Story 21436

Are you going through hardship, negative situation, unwanted situation, or any type of suffering? Just like you, your competition is also praying to god, may be different one, then why you are making so much noise. Remember your role model went through similar situation and still expected success. Meditate on life before death as well as life after death. Its your responsibility to make conversation interesting.

Imagine this

Krishna was born strong and adventurous. He has very huge apatite. To satisfy himself and his friends. Krishna along with his friends stole butter from village women. Whole village turn against him, even his own mother and no friends come to his aid. There was tremendous pressure on him. He either go back to comfort zone and start getting week under her mother’s shadow and get killed or invent someway to release the pressure and overcome the challenge and become stronger. After deep contemplation he choose music as his companion and decided to play flute. He puts his 100 percent effort in it and within few years he mastered it. Now villagers themselves come to him with offerings and he can easily feed himself and his friends. Beaming with this confidence he challenged Indra, destroyed Kansha and never looked back. It was super human feet worthy of praise and devotion. Those who follow his path will succumb to pressure and perish. So make human your role model instead of god. You are here to fulfill your own inspiration not anyone else.

I wish everyone all the pleasures of living

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