Story 21443

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans

How big can you think?

Each and every heart belongs to me. Your desire is hindering free flow of love. Come to me, I will give you tools to fulfill your desire so that you can allow yourself to feel my love.

If you think deeply you will find that Gods are working for you and you are not working for Gods. Every now and then congrats Gods for their glorious work and give some offering to them. Some of the major Gods are Sun, Saturn and Shiva. Offer water to Sun every morning (Sun represent visible truth). Offer lamp to Saturn every Saturday evening (Saturn represent hidden truth). Offer water or milk to Shiva three four times every year (Shiva represent serendipity which must be appreciated every once in a while).

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(You can use #adobeofhumans or #suryavanshi so that I can read your big thoughts)

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