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Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans

In this blog I talk about truth.

Truth have many forms every person is living their own truth and trying to project it on the world. Given below are some common form of truth.

When a story can be concluded in mathematical form then it is consider as factual truth. It is very common in scientific community. (You know there is no lack of this types of truth which become false with the appearance of new truth.)

If I say,” Women are more possessive and short sighted compare to men which is a good thing if not bad.” This statement is considered as judgement. But if I engrave this line on some stone or pillar which can withstand weathering process or I represent it in some artistic form like poem or play then people will start considering it as truth.

There is more than one god. Poor are people who have only one god to rely on. CEO of an organization cannot handle the whole organization all by himself. Above given statements is third type of truth where we compare a story with existing system or process like syllogism.

There are many more form of truth like predictions and vision which comes into experience, astrology, religions, philosophy etc. keeping all this in mind I can broadly categories truth in two branch. First, which can be perceived by senses and second which cannot.

Let sun represent the first type of truth which shine it’s light everyday. It is everything we can see, smell, teste, hear. Example of this type of truth is cars, houses, roads, people, forests, food, compassion, forgiveness, blessings, courage etc. To stay in touch with this type of truth offer some water to sun every morning and chant ॐ सूर्याय नमः three times.

Second type of truth is represented by Saturn which is hidden from our sense but we always get constant reminders of it presence. Example of this type of truth is revenge, secrecy, dictatorship, kundalini, soul, consciousness, curses, exploitation etc. Problem arises when people get completely involve in it or they start ignoring and despising it. These are truth but hidden for some divine reasons. We have to face it as it is. To stay in touch with this type of truth, every Saturday evening offer lamp to Saturn (Peepal tree or Shami tree) and chant ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः three times.

All this sounds interesting? How I come up with all this knowledge? You can say, it is result of my 30 years of efforts and efforts of people and resources I interacted with in all this years. There is no linear way to reach such knowledge and thus no linear way to explain it. Don’t worry, you have already started your journey toward such knowledge. Just chant mantra of Adobe of Humans to give it a much needed direction and with time you will uncover your own knowledge which will be in harmony with the divine knowledge.

To know more about benefits of Mantra of Adobe of Humans read benefits of chanting mantra of Adobe of Humans.

Mantra of adobe of Humans: ॐ I forgive everybody and I wish everyone lasting success.

I wish you all lasting success.

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