Mantra 21458

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans

There’s few changes in vision of Adobe of Humans. If you want, you can go through the updates.

When I forgive and bless, I came to realize that when someone betrays, deceives, and humiliates me, then they are actually betraying, deceiving and humiliating themselves away from pleasures of life. With this knowledge I develop compassion for them which takes me closer to the pleasures of life.

Every citizen have to go through situations created and action taken against them by others which can be upsetting and hurting. At that time, whether they choose to take upward path of forgiveness and blessing or downward path of ill-will and cursing is totally up too them.

Keeping this in mind, I appreciate if citizens of Adobe of Humans take effort to make an online forum where all the citizens of Adobe of Humans can share their stories when they have to go through betrayal, deception, humiliation and unwanted situations, and they choose the highway to heaven by forgiving and blessing instead of rough way to hell by holding grudge and cursing. It will create a harmonious, peaceful, and loving environment for all the citizens of Adobe of Humans where they will grow exponentially.

I wish you all lasting success.

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