Mantra 21461

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans

In this blog I will talk about achieving goals using forgiveness as a tool.

Many times I set goals to achieve and start working enthusiastically on it. Suddenly I find myself alone and all by myself. Every things seems to work against me and work start to take more time to finish. All this happening make me look within myself and bam, I have a choice to make. Either I go completely materialistic and disregard any feelings or I give up all my goals all together. Is this story sounds familiar? Why this happens? Is there other way to reach my goals?

Thing is, I am social person. As long as I don’t have any goals people use me to achieve their goals and I comply happily ( my zodiac sign sucks that’s why I don’t like god and there are crores of people under my zodiac sign that’s why I don’t like god even more. Also a friend in need is friend in deed). Once I set my goals suddenly they have their own priorities. Which make me two ways to go. Either I cut all my ties with them to stop being used as puppet and feel resentment or I disregard there feeling and use them anyway either by hook or by crook. Both ways are not sustainable.

Forgiveness followed with blessing can help in this situation. It make me look toward society as whole and man made obstacles which I have to overcome while achieving any goal. To achieve any worth while goal I have to go through betrayal, deception, humiliation, and many more negative feelings. Once a goal is set, some attack actively, some attack passively, some attack just for fun, some attack because of envy and jealousy, some attack under others influence, some attack to do there bidding, some attack to take revenge, and some attack just to pick fight for no reason. Interesting thing is they will not attack one by one, they do it all together. Avoiding all these is not healthy. To face it I have to look within, but this time not within myself, but within those who are attacking.

When I consciously forgive and bless them I get a glimpse of what’s within them and what desire they have. Most of them have desire for lasting success. Therefore I am saying

ॐ I forgive everybody and I wish everyone lasting success.

I clip this affirmation with Sama-Vritti and repeat it 50-60 times everyday. I repeat it while jogging. I repeat this affirmation 108 times during meditation. Whenever any persons action disturb me I repeat this affirmation 4-5 times before giving any reaction to regain my optimism. Good thing is, what I give come back to me ten fold. You can do it too and notice the creativity flowing through you within a month.

What are other ways for achieving goals. Feel free to share it and discuss it.

I wish you all lasting success

2 thoughts on “Mantra 21461

  1. My dearest little pal, you are doing the very graceful act of mankind which is forgiveness. It shows your generous kind heart.Stick to it.Letting go will never let you down.

    Also please try to see every negativity as an opportunity to grow intellectually. Try to immerse in the situation and shine with patience that success will come your side in every way.

    Please remember, this old soul is with you but we are apart yet travelling together on the same boat.

    Also, we are here to experience the materialistic world at it’s best. No point in withdrawing from ties. We are learning to make an attachment through awareness and I believe we are getting there. The awareness is leading us to observe the deeper truth of life which is love.

    Again, never say you are alone.

    Much love.


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