Mantra 21463

Hello citizens of Adobe of Humans

In this blog I will talk about scripture and affirmation

I know how narcissist god is. He enjoys seeing people suffer otherwise why people I care have to go through birth, old age and death. He is mean and derive sadistic pleasure in making people his devotees. He do things which he don’t want his followers to do. However, this is his character and for my well being I forgive him and wish him power, peace, and prosperity. But what about scripture? how authentic they are?

Scripture are written by sages (humans) who knows something deep about society and connect to its dynamics. Once these sages are gone these scriptures are elaborated further to keep people under there thumb and project superiority over others because of which the true wisdom get hidden in the web of rules and rituals. Due to this people get confused and the synergistic working of society gets disturbed.

Dear citizen, good news is there is no lack of sages in past, present, or future and these wisdom display themselves clearly in their work, art, and lifestyle. These wisdom can be seen even in science. Mostly these wisdom revolves around humans interactions with its surroundings and other humans. I am calling it wisdom instead of truth because truth have no fix shape and it evolve with age and experience.

I didn’t read enough books and scripture yet and not fought enough war to unearth all the wisdom but I know about one of them and I am using it with affirmations. That wisdom is ॐ. ॐ represent integration of all the thoughts and it can stream line us in the direction of other wisdoms. Problem is, ॐ is too short to use for sama vritti and therefore it have to be used with affirmations. Some of the affirmation are given below. If you like it use it otherwise make your own affirmation in your own language. With time ॐ will help you readjust your affirmation according to qualities and desires your are born with.

ॐ I forgive god and wish him all the pleasure of life.

ॐ I choose sex, wealth, and glory over enlightenment.

ॐ congratulations for each and every moment.

ॐ I wish pleasurable and fulfilled life to each and every one.

ॐ I feel free to initiate discussion.

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