Mantra 21475

Hello citizen of Adobe of Humans

I hope you all are practicing congratulations affirmation with sama vritti and congratulations for your spiritual and material growth till date.

In this blog I will discus forgiveness and blessing.

God is sadistic bastard who seek pleasure in making people his devotees and hinder them from fully express themselves. The fact that I am born in this world where suffering is inevitable is sufficient proof. As we grow old we have to face more uncertainty of life and automatically inclined toward him more because he is reason behind our suffering. he is the most selfish thing I come across. He has given me all kind of desires to me and don’t want me to fulfill them. what a rat he is. It is not us who should seek forgiveness its actually him who need to be forgiven.

Every being and every thing is his manifestation therefore anything happen to me, he is the reason behind it. Forgiveness is incomplete without blessing. By forgiving god and blessing him or her I initiate the process of healing, positive thoughts and manifestation for myself. I don’t know what god actually think of me but I know what I think of him and what I think of him is what I am.

Forgiving god is better than thanking him because in this way I can understand her and act more realistically. Given below are more affirmations which can be clipped with sama vritti and practiced for stable and optimistic mind.

congratulations for forgiving god and wishing him all the blessings of life.

I forgive all my mentors and wish them greatness.

I forgive all women and wish them power, peace, and prosperity.

I forgive all men and wish them pleasure, peace, and all the drama of life.

Congratulations for forgiving and blessing.

After practicing these type of affirmation I came to understand that it is my heart and brain who is worthy of my gratefulness and no one else.

I am curious what citizen of adobe of humans think about adobe of humans.

4 thoughts on “Mantra 21475

  1. All sounds good my Bro. I suggest that the Adobe of Humans should add some ‘patience’ to affirmation with sama vritti and surrender to time simultaneously. Much love.


      1. This is diagnosed as baby brother tantrum. But you are highly intellectual my boy! You know, we cannot jump into future for earth shall orbit at it’s own speed. Hugs.


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