Mantra 21479

Hello citizen of Adobe of Humans

I hope you all are practicing sama vritti clipped with given affirmation and congratulations for all the spiritual and material gain you made till date.

In this mantra I am going to say gratitude is over rated and discuss its alternatives.

From the starting of this blog I was more concern about gratitude because I has read that it is the fastest way to achieve the goal I desire to achieve. It didn’t work, instead it make me feel weak and out of picture in the social setting. Also by saying thank you the person getting gratitude start feeling entitled for more attention even if the goal of that thank you is my spiritual and material growth. It also make me feel indebt and thus marring my happiness. To overcome these short coming of gratitude in accomplishing the desire result, I think, emotion of congratulations and forgiveness is far more accomplished.

When some one help me or give me something my first response is thank you without thinking what really happening. In reality when someone is helping me or giving me something it is him or her who is getting spiritually elevated and creating goodwill for him. By accepting his help I had given him the opportunity to spiritually elevate and create goodwill for himself and thus he must be the one who should be thanking me and most logical response on my behalf is congratulations. Congratulations for your spiritual and material growth.

Making congratulations affirmation and clipping it with sama vritti is very easy. It will help in maintaining optimistic attitude and some how create positive visualization. some of the affirmation including congratulations is given below.

ॐ Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

Congratulations for promotion.

Congratulations for forgiving, blessing, letting go, and moving on.

Congratulation for spiritual and material growth.

Congratulations for prospering in all the creative endeavors.

Congratulations for all the innovative and inventive work.

Congratulations for executing sustainable solutions.

Congratulations for all the blessings of life.

In this blog I discussed about using congratulation over thank you, I will discuss benefit of forgiveness over gratitude some other time.

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