Mantra 21496

Hello citizen of Adobe of Humans

I am here to tell that a strong body yield more benefits from sama vritti clipped with affirmation as compare to week body. therefore try jogging while doing sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation. For this purpose affirmation must be concise enough so that it fit in our breath while jogging.

Now sama vritti is constant process while affirmation is evolutionary process. Thus, affirmation tends to evolve with time. also affirmation must have time limit to appear like goal.

For those who don’t remember what sama vritti is I like to remind them that sama vritti is also called equal breathing where one inhale and exhale for equal amount of time. in my words sama vritti is inhaling and exhaling same affirmation which means mentally saying affirmation twice in one breath cycle.

To nurture my poise, peace, and prosperity I am giving you all an affirmation and I hope you all will practice it while jogging.

Aum My life and my business is being forgiven, improved, and loved every quarter.

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