Mantra 21660

“Gratitude and fear cannot live in the same heart at same time.”

What to say now. I already told you about every thing that need to be known and now it all come down to repetition. At most all I can do is give you a new affirmation which is, “thank you sri Krishna and sri Arjun for prospering me in all my interests day in day out.” Just as to keep the house clean we have to do dusting on repetitive basis in a similar manner to keep our heart and brain pure we have to practice sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation, read curriculum books and appreciate his divine play on repetitive basis. It is only way to strengthen our castle of love, peace, and gratitude. The good news is I am starting a YouTube channel to guide my followers and not so good news is, the channel will be in Hindi. Let’s talk about the affirmation given above. The affirmation starts with thank you which will bring our heart and brain in sync. It has sri Krishna and sri Arjun name in it which will fulfill dual purpose. First it binds us to Indian culture, and second it praises duality which will take us closer to heaven. The affirmation is in English which will keep us closer to science and technology. Also, this affirmation makes us better in whatever we desire to be better at. Now if this affirmation is clipped with sama vritti, it will give us capability to manage anxiety and depression thus make our castle of love, peace, and gratitude more flexible.

What’s your quarry? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

Thank you sri Krishna for increasing my opulence, power, victories, and policies. Thank you sri Arjun for increasing my opulence, power, victories, and policies.

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