Mantra 21670

“If you want to give good education to your coming generation then you have to be ambitious, optimistic, and grateful.”
The last shloka of Bhagwat Geeta says, “where there is sri Krishna and sri Arjuna, there will be opulence, supernatural power, victories, and morality.” In simple words, if we desire heaven, we need to say thank you to sri Krishna and sri Arjuna. In other words, to live in heaven we need to adore duality. Now let’s call sri Krishna our brain while we call sri Arjuna as our heart, then when our heart and brain are in love with each other and work with sync then every strategy will become divine play and every breath become divine. The Mantra 21744 do all this to us by bringing brain and heart in a sync. Sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation keeps us poise, peaceful, and purposeful. When we start practicing sama vritti with effective affirmation our brain and heart will start acting in sync and we develop the intelligence to make and break situation according our will thus in return become respectable. One more activity I want all my followers to do is to make a list of goals in a notepad and try to achieve it. If you somehow not able to achieve the goal then carry over this goal to next day and write it again. You all have to do this activity daily until you achieve most of your goals. Gratitude, sri Krishna, and sri Arjuna are always with us to help us in building castle of love, peace, and gratitude so that we can live a poise, peaceful, and prosperous life.
What’s your quarry? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.
Thank you sri Krishna and sri Arjun for prospering me in all of my interests day in day out.

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