Mantra 21684

“In the world full of noise be the music.”

Practicing sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation keeps you poise, peaceful, purposeful for most of the time. If you are in business then it is a point to ponder that what contributes to your prosperity. Innovation will happen only when we have fund to invest in it and where this fund comes from. The answer for both the question is customer. It is customer who is contributing to our prosperity and it is our moral duty to be grateful to customer for increase our prosperity. Frankly speaking through this blog I am selling wisdom and every follower of this blog is my potential customer who contributes in my blog’s prosperity. This fact give birth to a beautiful affirmation which is, “thank you customers for increasing my business prosperity.” Or “I am grateful to customers for increasing my business prosperity.” Now clip this affirmation to sama vritti and see your relation with your customers deepen. Now it will require lots of conscious effort to practice two goals i.e., innovation and customers but in the end it will worth it. You will have lots of story to share with your grandchildren. In this quest we have three weapons i.e., gratitude, sri Krishna, and sri Arjuna. With there help we will build our castle of love, peace, and gratitude. Sri Krishna and Sri Arjuna is watching us and they will help us to have prosperity, strength, morality, and victory. Sri Krishna and Sri Arjuna is our gurudev.

What’s your quarry? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

    Thank you Gurudev for making my people fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious.

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