Mantra 21686

“I cannot be greater than him because he prays to unity (Gurudev) and I pray to duality (sri Krishna and sri Arjun).”

If you are following my mantra 21744 then remember that most of the new thought, desire, and action is a business innovation, execute it firmly but in the school of business failure is a compulsory subject. Say to yourself that I might be in pain but I refuse to suffer and samavritti clipped with effective affirmation is good tool for that. I am here to tell you to be completely selfish. When you become completely selfish you end up perfectly generous. Take care of yourself, take care of your business, take care of your happiness, take care of your prosperity, take care of your family, take care of your guest, take care of your donation, take care of your country and take care of your people. Actually, the exercise given in mantra 21744 is sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation. It is very necessary to make conscious effort to implement innovation. We have to learn how to invest our time intelligently that our conscious effort start giving desirable fruits. For this samavritti clipped with effective affirmation is simple and effective tool. As long as we are persisting with on effective affirmation for extended period of time our poise, peace, and stability will remain intact. That’s why I insist you to practice mantra 21744 for a year before coming to any conclusion. Each of my apprentice is God in my eyes who serve gurudev for poise, peace, and prosperity. Thank you God for serving us.

What’s your quarry? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

    Thank you Gurudev for making my people fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious.

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