Mantra 21702

“Religion teach us how to bear lack of prosperity while spiritualty teach us how to handle excess of prosperity.”

When we practice Sama Vritti clipped with effective affirmation we start guiding our automatic function due to which our body start acting in a sync. This will contribute to twenty percent of activities which we do. Outside our body and karma everything else is the result of karma of God (in my case god is Sri Krishna and Sri Arjuna) which contribute to eighty percent of circumstances. We have to grateful for this eighty percent of our circumstances, which God control, for it will either test our character or help us grow. We even have to be grateful to higher power for our karma for his grace we get a perfect body, mind, and conscious. Sama Vritti clipped with effective affirmation is very appropriate tool for this. Your business is your kingdom and to be king it is necessary to have some ego, some passion, some suffering. Good thing is, if we practice Sama Vritti clipped with effective affirmation then we remain in present moment. Present moment can be painful but there is no suffering in present moment. We are guest in this material world and we are here to fulfilled the task of God who has given us this material body. By being grateful to Sri Krishna and Sri Arjuna for our karma we become a conducting vessel for them. Then opulence, victory, supernatural power, and morality start flowing through us. Also, it is very important to read curriculum books it will give us great insight in the working of this material world and we will come to understanding of how to bend the rules to become a better king.

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    Thank you Gurudev for making my people fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious.

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