Mantra 21709

“It’s ok to feel low, negative, and tired. It will only fill more color in our life.”

In the path of innovation, it is normal to face anxiety, depression, and harsh criticism. Sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation can help you face, anxiety, depression, and harsh criticism with awareness and help you move forward. If you want to do great innovation, surround yourself with people who are doing great innovation. Innovation is the process. Be grateful for the process and result will take care of itself. We are 99.9 percent same and 0.1 percent different so does our thoughts. Thus, practicing sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation keeps us in present moment which is poise, peaceful and prosperous. All this royal benefit comes with a catch. Sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation makes people lazy which may give rise to lust. Sex is good but lust is bad. To overcome lust we have to develop some kind of hobby or join a club of interesting activities like yoga. We can also develop a habit of reading curriculum books to overcome ignorance and laziness. We have long way to travel and our thought is one of our companions. Try to keep it positive by practicing sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation. It will help you to develop the castle of love, peace, and gratitude by giving us strength to move forward while bearing the pain of life.

What’s your quarry? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

   Thank you Gurudev for making my people fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious.

3 thoughts on “Mantra 21709

  1. Greetings Brother Sachin Singh! What does the term Sama vritti mean to you please? Also you have touched on intimacy in this article. So whats your categorisation on romance? Angel or evil?
    Btw, thank you for your support on my blog. Much much grateful Bro.

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