Mantra 21716

“A profound experience expressed in simple words is wisdom.”

By solving problem of leaders, we are indirectly helping billions of people. Under the guidance of great mentor, the leader will make his nation heaven. A leader has to do lot of sacrifices and that’s why he is honorable. A leader needs to be innovative so that he can provide food, living and training to his followers to accompany great achievements. Best way to be innovative is to be compassionate listener. Compassion is to empathizing to find solution. We are guest and remaining universe, as an extension of him, is our host and if we listen compassionately then he (God) talks to us. When we listen compassionately to man, women and nature, we will have so many ideas to innovate. Listening compassionately means listening the problem and then coming up with strategy to solve and lastly solve it. Then main obstacle in being compassionate listener is we come at conclusion and jump to pass judgement; we have to understand that every experience is a ongoing experience where probability of happening anything is not hundred percent. When ever we desire to come up at any conclusion, we should counter it with sama vritti clipped with effective affirmation. We are guest to this universe and a guest must experience the hospitality of host without passing any judgement to it.

    Thank you Gurudev for making my people fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious.

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